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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Beginning

So... January 7th 2013... Not a usual day to start your New Year resolution, but then again, I'm not normally one to follow the norm.

I have decided after years of people hounding me to lose weight (and me rebelling against them) I am finally old enough and wise enough to do this properly.  But stick to it I think I need to do a complete life overhaul.  So, from this day, I shall not only be on the path to my ideal weight, (10 stone 7lbs if you're asking! Which is up for revision at a later date, I just dont want to scare myself with the unachievable!) but shall also be a better person/girlfriend/employee!! I have already started this my clearing out the bedroom and throwing a lot of stuff away.  Depressingly, this as also forced me to put 80% of my clothes in hiding until I can fit into them again, but alas that day shall arrive (soon I hope!).

I am going to use an app on my iPhone to record my calorie intake (without any lies) and also any exercise I do.  Although, I have decided that I am very unfit and therefore won't do any proper crazy exercise until about 2 weeks in because I want to stick at it this time and not tire myself of it on the first day.

According to the websites I require around 2,200 calories a day to stay the same.  Initially, I am going to have to focus on keeping the calories down because I have a desk job and therefore am quite like a sloth because I dont move.  I have set myself a target of 1270 daily calories.  By reducing my calories by around 1000 this should mean that I would lose 2lb per week as each 500 cals per day reduction equals a pound a week.

So... here we go!!  This is the day my life changes!

Start Weight: 16stone 9lb (233lb)

BMI: 38.8

Goal weight 1: 10 stone 7lb

Advisory Weight for 5ft 5 female: Around 9stone

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