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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Easy First Week

As with most new ideas and goals, the first few days/weeks are usually the easiest because you are so fired up and you have in your mind all the greatness yet to be achieved, how people will treat you differently because you will be more beautiful and graceful once you are lighter.

The first couple of days, people at work were a bit dubious that I would actually stick to this and thought the office cakes and biscuits would tempt me before Monday was out, but I surprised them all and for the whole week didn't cave when sausage sandwiches were ordered (especially after I learnt a sausage is 250 calories!) and I didn't moan when I had to grow up from my childish tea ways and finally have tea with no sugar (although by Tuesday I had switched to lemongrass and ginger tea at 0 calories to save my milk calories for something more filling).

By Wednesday I was 1.8lbs lighter, Thursday I had the healthier takeaway option of chicken burger and chips (no battered sausage at 450cals for me!) and on Friday I really took control of my food intake because I knew that we were going to see Les Mis (if you havent seen it, DO!) and I had a small popcorn.  Saturday I was going to go to the gym but decided to kill two birds with one stone by working out whilst also cleaning my house... half an hour of hoovering gets rid of 150 calories and all the dust bunnies.  The Sunday me and my partner took a stroll into town and stopped in at a cafe.  This was difficult for me because I just wanted hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream as normal, and a little slice of carrot cake to top it off... but alas, I took the slimmers decision as I didn't want to fail at the first real hurdle, so I went for the leek and potato soup at 150 calories, and actually felt much better for it and it was actually rather yummy!

So, with week one over with my efforts had paid off. I am now 4lbs lighter and well on my way to the perfect dream life with the feeling that now I can achieve anything I set my mind to! :)

Onwards and downwards!

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