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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday - Run Day

Well, hello there!

So today has definitely gone tons better than yesterday did.  I tidied my room, hoovered and organised my DVDs.  I also worked my flippin ass off as I mentioned yesterday I would be trying to do.

My workout consisted of going out jogging + walking for 30 mins, and jogging to the park is now an achievable thing, knowing I managed it once there is no excuse for me to stop before I get there now. When I got in from jogging I did stretches in the garden, my brother came out and helpfully told me I looked like a beetroot! All I could think was, 'If you still look cute at the end of the workout, you didn't work hard enough!' :D

After the stretches in the garden I went to my newly cleaned room and got my resistance tubing out.  I received this about 3 days ago and for £2.99 it's definitely one of the nest workout things I've purchased in my life. Using this to increase the intensity I did 10x10 squats, 10x10 bicep curls, 5x10 lateral raises. I tried so hard I wanted to cry, particularly on the lateral raises because my arms were buuurning!! After working my legs and arms, I did 2x15sec planks to work the abdominal section.

All in all a good day to work out and I definitely feel so much better than I did in yesterdays post.  Today I could achieve anything!

The one stumbling block I have hit today though has been regarding my calories.  As you probably know I am trying to hit 1210 calories a day because I want to be healthy and strong, not just thin.  Today though, I have only hit 800 :/ I got up too late for breakfast, lunch consisted of cous cous + a fruit salad (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) with some Vanilla bio yoghurt.  But, for dinner, my dad made Honey and Mustard chicken with Aunt Bessie roast potatoes and cauliflower.  I really dislike mustard and due to the sauce being over everything I had to reassemble my dinner.  So, I segregated the chicken, 2 potatoes and 3 florets of cauliflower and using kitchen towel removed as much of the sauce as I could, but I was still apprehensive of the mustard element so didn't even eat much of what I had.

I'm sure one day of eating too few calories won't really hurt but I just wanted to have a perfect day to lead the rest of my days by the example.

G'night all... 2 days to weigh in... hopefully Tuesday I will see if it's been worth it this week. Feel free to let me know how y'all are doing :) xx

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