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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Woke up failing it, will go to bed nailing it!

Today has definitely been a funny sort of day.  The plan was to go for an 8:30am run, do an exercise DVD and some yoga and then do job hunting.  Didn't quite work out like that.

I woke up at 8:30 with awful stomach cramps, had a cry for about an hour because I'm really struggling with not being with my bf anymore (its funny because it's the simple thing of sitting together on the sofa watching 'our' programmes together that I cry about).  I cried myself back to sleep and slept through until midday.  So, not a brilliant start to the day, not even a standard start to the day, in all honesty, probably the worst start to the day I could have had.  

Usually, in the above circumstance, I would then proceed to spend the day in bed and wallow in my sadness/illness/guilt at being so crap.  But, no, this is no longer the person I want to be or will allow myself to be!!

So, I got up and went down to the kitchen.  Truthfully, I think that was my first port of call because I admit I do turn to food when I feel rubbish, but today I'm not sure if it was all because of that, or if I knew I needed to have some lunch soon and I thought this was the best way to kick start what I had left of my day.  I'll settle for a bit of both for now!  

Luckily, I do still have some willpower left, and the cupboards still have things I've bought in for my lunches that aren't to complicated to put together.  I ended up with a New Convent Garden Potato and Leek Soup (1 carton = 216cals), a toasted tortilla wrap (107cals) and a banana (110 cals).  So a total of 433 cals, not too bad for a lunch. :) I then, watched The Biggest Loser along with my lunch which inspired me to continue my journey and pick myself up, brush myself down and keep going.  

After 2 episodes (and a power cut) I finally ended up getting my running stuff on and off I went.  When I've been running the past few times I haven't managed to get back to the park like I did when I went with my sister, but today I really pushed myself.  I remember getting to the point I usually stop at and thinking to myself, 'NO! Today you are not going to stop here, just get to the next tree' and then I set a mini goal of the next lamppost, next fence, next car, before I knew it I had made it to the park entrance and totally surprised myself. I then mixed it up between power walking and jogging setting myself targets that I didn't allow myself to fail at. I realised I have the ability to push myself past the limits my body thinks it is able to do.  Doing 2 days of yoga has taught me that breathing has a LOT to do with achieving goals and pushing limits because if you are doing long deep breaths rather than short shallow ones you can stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system.  This will relax your body reducing the muscle tension and therefore allowing you to push your body further.  On that note, I would like to point out that after 2 days of yoga I can comfortably bend over and touch the floor without bending my knees. 

Today I wore compression bandages around my shins to try and lessen pain issue with my running and it seems to have worked better than I expected. It still hurt a little when I completed the sprint but all in all beneficial. Also, my stomach cramps are now gone after the run, I think some endorphins have kicked their butt!

So today's tips are: 

1. Don't let external issues halt your weight loss, keep going.
2. If you feel ill, run for your life!
3. Take up yoga, it will help all your other exercises and you'll be flexible (Not sure when I will need to bend over and touch my toes in real life, but it's a new skill all the same!)

Also, little bonus, after yesterdays weight gain issues, I weighed myself when I got up and saw 15st 12.75lb I could have cried! I've rounded it up to 15.13 but either way it's still lovely to see a 15 on the scale, haven't been here since about 2010! Obviously, Tuesday's is still my official weigh-in but I still like to check each day, it motivates me to keep trying.

Current weight: 15stone 13lb (223lb/102.1kg)      Current BMI:     38.28

Goal Weight:     8 stone 10lb (122lb/55.3kg)        Left to lose:       7 stone 3lb (101lb)


  1. Well done for sticking to it!! I also find myself watching Biggest Loser when I'm lacking some motivation or am having a bad day, makes you think that if these people can stick to it and push through, so can I!

    And thanks for following my blog by the way, that's how I found my way over here too. :) I will definitely keep reading yours, it's fantastic to have other weight loss bloggers for some extra motivation. x

    And just a little improvement on the site, you might want to make the text a bit darker, I had to paint the entire text to read it, it's a bit too hard to read against the white background. :)

    1. Thanks for your design tips :) I'm going to change it now.

      It's nice to know somebody else is out there and understands how hard it can be sometimes trying to change your life and lose weight.