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Friday, 27 March 2015

It's been ages... But, I'm Back!!!



So, yeah.  It's been aaaages since I last wrote on here.  There have been some ups, some downs but I'm firmly back on my journey now.

I've actually been back on the road since 5th January (The first Monday of the year... it's always best to start on a Monday!).  I weighed in at 15 stone 6.4lbs when I weighed in after Christmas and can safely say I had devoured all of the nice food over Christmas so that by the time I was restarting my journey I literally didn't want to see anything apart from vegetables, let alone eat any of it.

So, I started off with re-designing my eating from scratch.  Planning meals out for the week and strictly staying within my calorie goal of 1,500 max for the day, ensuring I had breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and then dinner.  This was also assisted by making sure I went to bed (and hopefully sleep) before midnight and was getting up at 8am each morning so that I was ready for breakfast without feeling like it was the middle of the night.

I also incoporated exercise into my life, scheduling it in with my new office hours so that it was routine for me to go to the gym at certain times, which now, nearly at the end of week 12, feels terrible if I miss it, like I've failed myself with laziness.

There have been some tough days, mainly when I've been on my period, that I have found it difficult not to eat everything in sight. I have dealt with these days by letting myself have a few treats and then working extra hard in my exercise plans.  I have also allowed myself on a Friday to have a chicken kebab, quite healthy, but still a treat.  On days, where I need some chocolate, I still allow myself a max of 2 squares of dark chocolate, which really satisifies the craving, whereas I used to eat a whole bar and still not feel satisfied.

I think now, I have worked too hard over the 12 weeks to go back to my old ways of no exercise, and eating whatever I want without a thought to what it will do to my body, my mood, or my enjoyment of food.

So, nearly finished week 12 of my new life and I am now 14stone 3.6lbs - a loss of 17lbs, and today I actually walked past my mirror and thought, 'Blimey! I'm much smaller than I remembered being.'  Obviously, most days I am still unhappy with my body but, that just pushes me to keep going, but I am proud of how far I have come in the past 12 weeks.  It also means that I am down 42.6lbs in total from my heaviest of 17stone 4lbs, and am now (finally!) into the 100 lbs rather than 200s.

I think it has helped to have my sister and brothers girlfriend on the journey with me as we are all checking in with each other throughout the day and, unlike many other weightloss groups, I can't lie or ignore the messages or meetings because they're family, I have to be responsible and accountable for my choices, especially because they are both trying so hard as well. We have agreed to do a 5K together in June, and because I have been running quite a lot in my gym routine, I have also signed up to a half marathon in October!! Insane!!

In the 12 weeks, my fitness has drastically improved.  I could just about jog for 30 seconds on 7.0km/h on my first day back in the gym with a 10min stroll in between.  Yesterday, I managed to jog on 8.7km/h for 8 mins, power walk on 7.0 for 5 mins and then jog for a further 8mins on 8.7 (with a lot of bargaining with myself, just get to the next 30 secs, next song, next minute etc...) Also, after the first day back in the gym at the end of the 30 sec jog the heart rate monitor warned me my rate was too high, now I am still close to the limit but it's not warning me anymore, proving that my heart and lungs and legs are all stronger and working together better to get me through!

October 4th 2015, half marathon.  I'm coming for you!

(If you want to sponsor my half marathon you can do so at )

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