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Monday, 2 September 2013

The failings of this week!

Hello all,

You may have guessed from m lack of posts but I have been a bit rubbish this week! I don't think it's going to be even anywhere near a good weigh in tomorrow.  I think I have probably put on at least the 3lb that I lost last week but we shall see tomorrow for sure.

Basically,  after I gave blood it was all good until I was sat on the toilet and passed out.  Moral of the story, don't lie to the nurses and yourself when they ask if you have had plenty to eat and drink.  Plenty to drink, yes, I'd had quite a lot of water.  Plenty to eat, erm... no.  I'd had a banana and that was all.  So that knocked it out of me for the rest of the day and also Wednesday, so no exercise and I ended up having crisps. Not even one bag, I had 3 bags of crisps and 2 penguin chocolate bars.  This then led me to be on a downer about how rubbish I had been and I ended up not doing any exercise.

Friday I found out my sister was having to go to America with work for a month, so I travelled up to London, drank crazy amounts of alcohol, in one bar I had a pitcher containing 8 vodka shots(500cals), red bull (115cals) and a bottle of champagne (650cals) and then had half a bottle of wine (300cals) on top of all that plus a few extra bits and pieces of drinks and to top it off I had a curry (580) and naan bread (395cals) to soak it all up.  Just that evening out comes to about 2540 cals - double what I am supposed to allow myself.  I don't do things by half... then I decided to not care, after all I was 'on holiday!'

Then I met up the next day with the ex boyfriend, drank copious amounts of gin and rum, ate cakes and continued to fail.

So tomorrow, I shan't cry and throw a paddy about my weight gain, I deserve whatever that scale says.

But, it's not about giving up at the first hurdle.  Tomorrow is the start of a new weight loss week.  I shall accept it, pick myself up and run on. (Literally!)

Goodnight for now.  I shall update you tomorrow.


  1. Not quite sure how you've calculated that vodka, 25ml (a shot) is only 50 kcal hun. Just caught my eye a bit there, I know the calories in alcohol are bad regardless but it drops the amount down by quite a bit. :)

  2. Ooh thanks hun. It was in my calorie counter book as 65 cals per shot, but just checked it on my app and its 50 like you said :) x