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Friday, 23 August 2013

Heavier and feeling lazy

Not much to report today really. I weighed myself this morning and have gone up by 1lb since yesterday, but I ate a big dinner last night at around 9:30pm and food take between 12-24 hours to digest so I wasn't surprised in the slightest that I weighed in heavier.

I have debilitating stomach cramps that have made me stay still on the bed most of the day almost crying.  Not feeling too strong with the weight loss/ exercise plan today although, I have still eaten healthily today, which is a big achievement.  All I want to do is stuff my face with Pringles and chocolate to make myself feel better.

I know that exercise is supposed to help with period pains, but I'm actually in so much pain I can barely face moving, let alone running.  I did some bicep curls with my 1kg weights earlier so that at least I have done something no matter how small.  I have just taken another dose of painkillers and once they kick in I am going to try some gentle yoga and see how it goes from there.

Fingers crossed!

Current weight: 15stone 12.5lb (222.5lb)      Current BMI:     38.2

Goal Weight:     8 stone 10lb (122lb/55.3kg)        Left to lose:       7 stone 2.5lb (100.5lb)

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