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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Update on Previous Post: A funny thing happened.

So... my previous post of about 2 hours ago I was feeling pretty fuming at the lack of weight loss despite putting so much effort in during the past week, but now... I feel bloody ecstatic about that weight gain because do you know what this extra gain in weight meant?

I'm pregnant?? Nope, wrong! But I could be one day (need a new bf first!), but now, my periods have restarted after 2 years of not having one due to the excess weight.

I'd just finished my grapefruit and started getting bad stomach cramps and feeling light headed.  I thought perhaps I'd poisoned myself with grapefruit or I was allergic to it or something? But no, it's just my body finally heading in the right direction.  :)  When I started losing weight I thought it would be a long time before my periods returned, but really it's 9lbs and whatever I've truly lost this week that has kick started my body back into a level or normal.

Now to do some yoga to try and get rid of these darn stomach cramps!

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